Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey everyone!! We just started this blog about 2 months ago and it ALREADY has 800 views!! Thank you so much to those of you who visit this blog often and tell your friends about it. We really appreciate it(: So keep telling your friends about this and if there is something you want to see on this blog, leave a comment and we will try to include your idea somewhere on this blog. Thanks again!! Bye(:

                                                                                                                ~Throw and Cloud

P.S. I just posted a poll (Favorite thing to do on mc) down on the right side of the blog. You should go vote!!(:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Come Again!

We are constantly posting new pictures, posts, and cool servers. So don't forget to come back and check up on the new info! I am almost certain that if you come back everyday, there will be something new on the blog. Also, dont forget to tell your friends about this epic blog! If you need to, you can click the handy dandy share button located at the top of the screen!  /\  /\  /\ Thx!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Introduction to The World of Minecraft

This post is for me to introduce you to the amazing world of Minecraft. Minecraft is an amazing pc game that allows you to interact with a digital world. In Minecraft, you can build, create, explore, hunt, kill, gather, and survive. There are two gamemodes. Creative and survival mode. In creative mode you have access to everything, so in creative mode you build mainly. Also, in this gamemode you have the ability to fly. Plus, you can spawn whatever you want. In survival mode you spawn inside of a blank world with nothing. Your job is to gather food, supplies, materials, and make a home. Once you get a nice little stable home you can extend and create a thriving survival game mode.

Minecraft Skins App

Are you not good at creating skins for your minecraft person? Well you should get this app! Go into the app store on any smart device and search Skins Pro. The app icon is the one shown in the image above. There are many different skins to choose from. You can also type in a mc user's name and steal their skin! It's a great way to easly change your skin. I would seriously consider buying this app. I personally love it! (:


Monday, October 8, 2012

Everything on Minecraft

One helpful website is Minecraft Wiki  If you are interested here is a link.   MineWiki is like a wikipidea for mc. It has info about everything including, animals, breeding, farming, weapons, tools, and crafting (just to name a few). If you ever don't know how to craft an item, this is the place to go. Just search the item you need to know how to create, and it will give you a page of info about the item and even an illustrated crafting guide.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

About the Website

Hi! Im Cloud. I'm going to show you some really cool hints, secrets, and helpful information about Minecraft. If your wondering why my name is Cloud, it's because of my Minecraft username. If your ever on Minecraft and you see 0mastercloud0, give a shout out! Plus, my friend that is helping me create this blog has a minecraft too, her username is, ThrowTheCheeese. If you have any ideas that you think should appear on this blog, don't be afraid to tell me! I hope you enjoy the Minecraft Extra!