On this page I will put a list of servers I really enjoy. STILL IN PROGRESS

green typing-the server address

Behind Bars Prison- This server is my most favorite server. It is very unique and entertaining. There is also not overcrowding or nonstop pvp. In this server, you spawn in a huge prison spawn. Your job is to buy your freedom. There are different ranks you have to purchas b4 you buy your freedom. C- lowest rank. You have access to tree farm and the mine. B- low rank. Yu have access to the sandstone mine and the cactus mine. A- good rank. You have access to netherrack mine and pumpkin farm. Elite- highest ranking prisoners. Have access to mob arena and_______________. Free-!. They have access to a free world like a normal server. Guards-protect everyone. You cannot buy this job. You must b a B or more and you must apply in the server's forums. I like this server alot and it is rly fun. This is a really fun, unique, and exciting server. In this server, you build on a certain map and your are split into teams and fight. Its really differant than most servers. It's not a normal survival or creative mode game. I really like this server. Rating- 8

Creation Mc- This is a normal ol'e survival mode server, exept its not glitchy, over crowded, or filthy rich. This is not a pvp server, but it is fun to have a safe survival mode server where you can't get raided. I think it's fun and amusing. There are also factions on this server. Rating- 7

The City Servers- This server is not overcrowded so there isn't much lag. Plus there are factions on here. Two minor things that I dislike about this server is that you have to pay (using the money system in the game, not real money) to claim land, and you can't return back to the spawn using a command, you must walk there. This server has factions though, and I really enjoy playing on it.Rating- 7.5

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